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April 2015 CLT HUG Event Recap: Randy Aimone

Posted by Mary Coombs

Apr 20, 2015 1:58:52 PM

The April Charlotte HubSpot User Group (CLT HUG) meeting was held last Thursday at The All American Pub in Charlotte, featuring speaker, Randy Aimone of Aim One Marketing. Randy's presentation was called The Path To Local Search - How, When, Why & Where it Matters.  

RandyAimoneCLTHUGRandy Aimone is a marketing educator; he teaches in both academic and business settings, providing practical and effective modern marketing techniques. Previous students have called his classes "funny and insightful", "rich with stuff I can start doing tomorrow", and "the most practical class I've taken in my college career."

His marketing focus tends to be on small business marketing, as well as doing business online. He recently started doing business as Aim One Marketing, specializing in Local & Mobile Search Engine Optimization.  

The highlights of his presentation were:

  • 43% of website traffic is local (and that grows substantially every year)
  • Local Searches = Local Buyers
  • Many small retail businesses would benefit from an Inbound methodology that includes blogging, but many don't have the time or resources to do this effectively and run their business

What Can Retail Businesses Do to Attract Local Search?

  • Links Matter: Look for links from local sources you do business with (i.e. suppliers, vendors, local Chamber of Commerce, baseball team sponsor sites) in your area.  Ask them to put a link to your site on their site. This works because Google and Bing want to help small businesses compete in the search rankings against major brands.
  • Social Media and small site updates work to help become found. Use your social media tools to educate your prospects and talk about what is happening in your business. Social signals help!
  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone #): Make sure they are clearly seen on every page of your site and are consistent across the web.  Do not use 800 numbers as the search engines will not see you as doing business just locally.  
  • Be Consistent:  If you use LLC at the end of your business name - always use LLC - or never use it. Search engines like consistency.
  • Get Reviews:  The more the better. Ask for them. Never pay to get reviews. If you game the system, it will catch up to you and can result in getting dropped from the search index. That would be devastating for your business. So, NO trickery or deceit!
  • Unique Content: Make sure your site tells your audience why your business is unique from others you compete with. Never use content from other websites. Make your content unique.
  • Interactivity: The more interactivity, the more traffic. Sites that interact with their visitors (i.e. online reservations, forms to fill out, etc.) tell the search engines you are a good search result.  Work to make your site interactive in some way.

This is some of the valuable information you missed if you didn't come to the April 2015 CLT HUG meeting. You won't want to make that mistake again.

Our next meet-up  is May14th, from 5:30-8:30pm at The All American Pub. Our featured speaker will be Heather Head, founder of Scopcity.  Scopcity is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and partners with top agencies, web firms, and other marketing agencies to deliver written content to support their client marketing programs. Register for FREE

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