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Why I Needed an Extra Napkin at the Charlotte Hubspot User Group Meeting

Posted by John Loftis

Aug 7, 2014 1:11:00 PM

hug-newMy wife would say I need an extra napkin regardless of where I am—but I digress.The Charlotte Hupspot User group met the evening of July 24 at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille.

If you’ve eaten here, then you are a fan.  If not, give it a try.

Our hostess, the ever energetic Rachel Cogar, CEO of Puma Creative, led a discussion about how to design an inbound marketing campaign.  Wow, she could have written the book.  Oh wait…she did write the book, soon to be published.  Watch for it on Amazon.

Reaching for a napkin, I began taking notes.  Others chimed in during this spirited discussion. More notes…another napkin. What a cool and sharing group made up of a nice combination of agencies using Hubspot on behalf of their clients and users who have adopted the platform for their own use.

So, what did I learn? Lots, but here are a few key takeaways:

  1. From George Thomas a reminder to “have a dang opinion.” Really, if you are going to the trouble of blogging, say something. Create discussion—get a reaction. Here’s my opinion: If you are a Hubspot user of any degree and you don’t join this group and attend the meetings, you are operating with half a brain.

(How’s that, George?  Good start?)

  1. Mike Coombs reminded us to remember who our prospects are when we share “our dang opinion”.
  1. Plan the entire strategy in advance.  If the prospect opens an email, what should happen next?  What if they don’t open an email?  What if they download a white paper?  At what point should they receive a phone call?  Get a whiteboard and create if-then scenarios.
  1. Address your prospects differently for each stage of the funnel. (buying cycle)  There will be at least three stages:
  • They don’t yet know if they need what you offer
  • They suspect they need what you offer but don’t yet know if you are the best fit for them
  • They know they need what you offer, they know you are the best fit, they haven’t decided why they need to buy it from you right now this minute
  1. The type of content you present will be different for each of these prospects.  The specifics require another complete napkin!
  1. Be willing to send a “break-up” letter where you suggest that maybe you should stop sharing good information with them because it doesn’t appear they have an interest. Quite often, this will get a response.

There is actually a lot more on my napkins.  I won’t share the rest now because I’m not trying to teach you.  Rather, I’m trying to show you what you are missing by not being there. 

Seriously, more contributions than I can capture here, but lots of good thoughts from folks like Heather Head, writer extraordinaire, Laura Barefoot, award winning end user, Jeff Miller, LeAndra Spicer, our own Bill Hudgins and others.

I’m unintentionally being unfair to “others”, not to leave out their contributions but simply to admit I don’t know all of them yet.  Imagine that—coming to a user group meeting and sharing secrets with strangers!

So, join us and learn. Join us and teach. Take a look at these websites and see a few of the folks you’ll be hanging with.

As a teaser, one of our meetings in a few months will feature Brian Halligan.  He really did write the book and in his spare time, founded Hubspot.  Very cool! 

I hope to see you at a meeting. Bring a pad—works much better than a napkin.


About John Loftis

One of the founders of The Innovative Group, John began his career with Wallace Computer Services after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill.  He has served the industry in many capacities, including a term as president of the Document Management Industries Association. (now PSDA)  His experience covers a broad spectrum of print and marketing technologies.  A particular expertise is the use of data modeling and segmentation to improve customer acquisition for businesses and non-profits.  Married for 33 years, John and Lili have two daughters.  He reads constantly and enjoys fly fishing and golf.  An active elder in the Presbyterian church, he also volunteers in several civic areas.  After 30 years, he will finally sometimes remove his tie.

John Loftis

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